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The report clearly conveys strengths and weaknesses revealed by our survey of your Wi-Fi network, including contention from neighboring networks.

Comprehensive Survey Scan

Using specialized software, we survey your home to visualize and document the Wi-Fi environment. In each room we stop briefly to record observations about that survey location. Observations are not limited to Wi-Fi statistics. Notable would be the presence of architectural or structural features which may impede a Wi-Fi signal, or whether network/communication cabling may be available at that location. 

Detailed Report

Survey information is compiled into a report that charts Wi-Fi networks detected within range of the survey-computer, including the strength of each. Our report will show how crowded the spectrum is, and pinpoint sources of interference at your location. Understanding where features of the environment will interfere with coverage and impede Wi-Fi throughput, or whether Wi-Fi client devices are fully utilizing the potential of the network, is essential to overcoming those effects and improving service.

Quick Results

The Wi-Fi Survey Scan takes 30 to 60 minutes, and the Wi-Fi Survey Report is typically delivered within 24 hours of completing the scanning process. On first glance the report may appear overly technical, or confusing, owing to unfamiliar terms used to measure signals, and the bold colors of a Signal Density Graph. By understanding just a few key facts about the report, you will quickly be able to make sense of why certain devices on your network may be struggling to maintain a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Recommendations And Next Steps

In addition to the Wi-Fi Survey Report, we also offer concise recommendations for potential next steps to take for Alleviating Wi-Fi Trouble. Reviewing the report with you enables us to improve our understanding of technical, and budgetary requirements, enabling us to make the most suitable, fact-based decisions about how to improve your Wi-Fi network. 

Skip The Survey Scan And Report

If you don't need a Wi-Fi network survey to know that your wireless network is obsolete. Then let's get together to learn about your objectives and expectations, so we may prepare a written summary for you of suitable options for improvements, including the steps for getting consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed throughout your home.

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Also include an LTE assessment for both Verizon and ATT services.

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The range and dependability of my Wi-Fi signal has greatly improved with the installation of new equipment. Home Network Pros is more responsive than others, and are willing to keep helping me as time goes on. They are professional, offer current upgrade options, and are a great help with troubleshooting. If you are having problems, or think you would benefit from a stronger Wi-Fi system they can guide you forward.

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