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We Guarantee The Highest Quality, Most Secure Internet Experience Possible. 

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Enjoy unmatched video streaming and internet service reliability that is secure, stable, and constantly monitored to protect your safety. Finally rid yourself of the inconvenience and aggravation of dealing with unstable connections, frozen screens, poor video quality, choppy audio, and disconnected meetings. 

Our ControlOne Managed Network service makes network and internet interruptions a thing of the past. The Next-Generation Firewall service bundle is provided via a monthly subscription, so you are always safe and secure. Clients of Home Network Pros can expect to enjoy a consistently higher quality internet experience, while they gladly leave the technology to us.

More Is More.

If needed, a second and even third internet connection can easily be added to your network to improve performance, and significantly reinforce internet reliability. Loss of internet connection will become a thing of the past when you add a redundant internet service to your network.

Our greatest challenge is most certainly the task of securing the Internet of Things [IoT.] Things, chiefly inexpensive things. Things from faucets to furnaces, pet food dispensers, Christmas lights, even children’s toys. Recall the Adidas soccer ball containing an embedded chip, that was given as a gift to former president Trump.

Most IoT devices are composed of 4 fundamental resource components: cloud, application[s], communication streams, and device hardware. The complex nature of IoT devices makes them especially vulnerable, because each component can expose multiple potential attack-points. For example, insecure communication between a device and the cloud could breach sensitive information, or divulge vital network facts to a threat actor attempting to explore your network.

Who Cares?

Security concerns about IoT are not slowing the deployment of IoT devices. Managing IoT using the Cat and Mouse Model where you are the mouse, is perpetually ineffective and similarly insecure. The Zero Trust model that we offer, functions to secure every device on the network from exploitation by every other device on the network.

IoT devices are not patched automatically. Installing infrequently released updates is the responsibility of the device owner, and for that reason patches or updates are rarely if ever actually installed.  Even when they have been installed, there’s no way to assure that another as yet undiscovered vulnerability isn't already present. Zero Trust assures that your network and everything on it, will be protected from the next newly disclosed vulnerability, well before you've even heard about it and wondered about what to do in response to the problem.

Call (650) 887-7220 for the most reliable and secure internet experience possible, or a Free Scan of your network to locate IoT devices, please be sure to download our technical data sheet.


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