• We have the skills, tools, and specialized expertise needed to do the job.

Home Network Pros is available, equipped, and ready to immediately and expertly resolve technical problems in your home. From pinpointing Wi-Fi difficulties, to carefully listening as clients describe their computer or network trouble.

Network And Internet Reliability Are Essential

We can help if your network doesn't measure up to your needs. The home as workplace is not a new idea. What is new, is the enormous increase in the number of people working from home using insufficient, undependable, and possibly obsolete network equipment. Home Network Pros can extend Wi-Fi coverage, and increase the throughput and reliability of the network. Could you use a backup internet connection? We will explain the range of service options which are available at your location, and approximate cost of each.

We Are The Work From Home IT Help Desk

We can improve the security and reliable operation of your Office At Home. Clients can expect concisely written proposals, and rapid follow through to complete tasks and projects. We understand the value of your time and your demand that technology ‘simply work.' Which is why you can rely on Home Network Pros to fulfill all of your Mac support needs.

We Mean Business

Since 1988 we've supported Macintosh in a networked production environment. This means that we have worked with every Mac model produced since the release of the iconic Macintosh SE. Over those years we have worked with clients in a variety of industries, education, and the home, to successfully fulfill every clients need for support of their Mac and related technologies. 

We Answer The Phone 

That may sound silly, but you called us for help, not instructions for tracking down an online form to fill-in so that someone can call you back "as quickly as possible."
You called (650) 887-7220, because you need help and want to talk with someone now.

Call Home Network Pros Instead Of Filling In A Form

It’s our job to answer the phone and to open trouble tickets, not yours.

Don’t Put Up With A Half Functional System

The range and dependability of my Wi-Fi signal has greatly improved with the installation of new equipment. Home Network Pros is more responsive than others, and are willing to keep helping me as time goes on. They are professional, offer current upgrade options, and are a great help with troubleshooting. If you are having problems, or think you would benefit from a stronger Wi-Fi system they can guide you forward.

Julie from Atherton